mAke-Up cOlleCtion

MAC, 2010

Product Design | Beauty & Cosmetics

Inspired culturally by Vermeer’s The Girl with the Pearl Earring, this MAC make-up collection (2010) turns painters’ tools into a woman’s make-up tool. From the colours to the names of all the products themselves, everything is steeped in Vermeer. Using names of his lovers, sisters, wives and mother, this collection calls out to women, inviting them to paint and make themselves beautiful with the most stylish, artistic and quirky cosmetic tools. The shape of the clutch bag and brush roll is derived from how a painter stores his brushes in a textile roll, while the ribbon and stone closure transforms it into a beautiful mobile vanity set. The collection includes smooth, opaque lipstick and lip gloss in shades of golden frosted champagne, hot fuchsia and vampy blackened red, along with mystery powder, false lashes, brush, brush clutch and style scent concentrate.