MandArinA DucK FlAgShip StorE

Mandarina Duck, 2008

Interior Design | Retail

For the iconic luggage brand, Mandarina Duck, a living, breathing retail space was created. The Mandarina Duck (2008) store was completed for the purpose of introducing their Italian-made clothing and luggage lines. Beautifully designed, this location is anchored in the tale of Gulliver, perhaps the most legendary British traveller. Bright yellow, and without clothing, a seven metre tall figure stands connecting the two floors of the building. Supporting his presence is a two-story chromed breathing mirror wall and 40 other mannequins designed to breathe. Their subtle movements present the Mandarina Duck brand in the most realistic and humanised way. Inside, glass tables and shelves display items, while outside a constant stream of air-bubbles accentuate the living identity of the brand.