mArcEl wAnDers ColLeCtiOn

Decorté, 2011 - Present

Product Design | Beauty & Cosmetics | Packaging | Limited Edition | Art Direction | Campaigns

Since 2011, a series of precious, limited edition face powders have been created as enduring beautiful objects and delightful skincare collectibles. Bringing the highest quality products to the world of cosmetics with sophisticated beauty and intelligence, each is decorated with the signature Decorté floral pattern. Each item is designed to fit perfectly into one's hand or purse, allowing for the transformation into a beautiful woman to take place anywhere, at any time. These enchanting objects designed with the Japanese female audience in mind, meet in Marcel Wanders' signature of delicacy and femininity the perfect partner, and constitute an especially interesting challenge for the design studio. These facial powders live beyond their first life cycle, as refills are available. They are ornate pieces that people cherish and want to keep forever. Very culturally specific storytelling overarches from product design to communication.