mArcel wAnderS for m&S

Marks & Spencer, 2010 - 2015

Product Design | Art Direction | Tableware | Packaging | Accessories | Surface Patterns

Over the course of five years, the collaboration between Marcel Wanders studio and Marks & Spencer (2010-2015) has resulted in nearly 500 stylish gifts in the areas of Men's & Women's Accessories, Beauty, Food and Home goods. Unexpected and unique, the desirable products have included an assortment of collections of leather goods, home accessories, Christmas items, tableware and furniture. Many of seasonal products featured Marcel Wanders studio ornamental stylized graphic that became a signature of the collection. The varied products include a stuffed bear with a lighted nose, a set of mismatching cufflinks featuring references to Henry VIII and his wives, piggy banks, special notebooks and stationery, plates, embossed leather, sunglasses and a gorgeous multitude of patterned scarves.