oBjetS NomAdes

Louis Vuitton, 2015 - present

Product Design | Furniture | Home Accessories | Limited Edition

Timeless pieces of the Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades Collection express a heritage of quality and exploration. The ‘Chaise Longue’ (2015) is four independent modules bound by soft leather straps that transform to become a relaxing, sensual oasis. The limited-edition ‘Lune Chair’ (2016) comfortably cradles adults as it reprises the golden metal bumper corners and the matelassé cushioned textile pattern found in traditional Louis Vuitton travel trunks. The ‘Diamond Screen’ (2017) is a room divider that combines geometric leather modules that can form versatile open, closed, or see-through partitions. With angular beauty, the large and petit Diamond Mirrors (2018) reflect exquisite craftsmanship and bring poetry and enlightenment to any room. The classy ‘Diamond Vase’, ‘Diamond Sofa’ and the Murano blown glass ‘Venezia Lamp’ (2019) retain the design aesthetic while ensuring that the leather forms both embrace and sustain the pieces. ‘The Petal Chair’ (2021) celebrates the symbol of Louis Vuitton. Hand-stitched, soft leather warmly embraces the body, creating the sense of resting amid a landscape of petals. Within this ethereal setting, the stems of each petal seem to grow from the ground, eliminating the distinction between the body and nature. Designed with an arrangement of four petals as the seat, this functional and enduringly beautiful chair emulates nature as it brings Louis Vuitton’s iconic 4-pointed star to life. Finally, the 'Capeline lamps' (2023) are the first lighting pieces in this collection of Objets Nomades. The limited-edition Capeline lamp features three delightfully undulating aureoles of frosted glass inspired by – and named after – a type of wide-brimmed women’s hat. Available as a wall lamp and two sizes of ceiling light, the Capeline allows the glow from its dimmable LED to diffuse beautifully across the graceful circles of carefully crafted Czech glass.