Marcel Wanders cOlleCtiOn

FENDI Casa, 2022

Product Design | Furniture | Lighting

This first collection for FENDI Casa subtly translates signature design elements found in the FENDI fashion archives into an elegant interior setting. By adapting a metaphysical approach in the creation of these pieces, inspiration was drawn from Italian heritage, embracing its rich art, culture and craftsmanship using locally sourced glass, stone and textiles. This extensive collection consists of eighteen design pieces. The Five sofa stands out with its elegant essentiality. The comfortable modular seats are juxtaposed with integrated marble coffee tables creating a charming play on textures and colour effects. The Cleo arm- and lounge chairs have leather straps on the armrest, alluding to the iconic FENDI pattern stripes. The monumental dining table is carved out of a block of stone, therefore naturally named Petra. The Dame Lighting Collections seamlessly combine heritage of Italian Masters through traditional Murano glass blowing techniques, with elevated contemporary designs. The hand-etched lines created using the classic Filigrana technique, present a delicate reference the iconic pequin pattern of the brand. The elegantly crafted arch shapes pay homage to the architectural elements found in the iconic FENDI headquarters located on Palazzo della Civiltà. The Soffio mirror has leather crafted elements and has a soft looking touch, inspired by the dandelion flower. The O'Lock mirror plays with the most iconic element from the FENDI logo, making it a very recognizable piece. Bringing luxurious elegance into the bedroom, the Landscape bed captures attention with an over 3-meter large headboard revealing an exquisite patchwork of different materials, spanning from shaved mink to wood, that pays homage to FENDI's artisanal and experimental heritage.