mArceL wAnderS wOrk At CenTre PompiDou

Marcel Wanders, 2016

Exhibition | Personal Editions | Limited Editions | Video Art | Product Design | Furniture

At Centre Pompidou, a selection of multidisciplinary works that celebrate the 'tech of craft' and range from industrial pieces, personal editions to video work by Marcel Wanders was exhibited. The presentation also showed the processes behind the work, be it hand-and-craft or innovative industrial processes, such as with the ‘Knotted Chair’ (1996) or the ‘Balloon Chair’ (2014). All the pieces celebrate transformational processes and have been acquired by the museum for its permanent collection. For Marcel Wanders, textile has been an important area of investigation, which has resulted, among others, in a rich family of textile objects that show newly discovered qualities in composition with other materials. Flexible becomes rigid, dense becomes transparent, flat becomes dimensional. Though technocratic innovations, through the use of surreal poetry, these objects and video works achieve humanistic meaning.