MirA mOoN

Wanders & Yoo, Hong Kong, 2013

Interior Design | Hospitality | Surface Patterns

At the five-star Mira Moon hotel (2013), the Moon Goddess of Immortality welcomes guests with three hand-carved wooden bells. Each of the bells represent a character (the goddess, the moon and the rabbit) from a traditional Chinese tale of the Moon Festival. This Wanders&YOO interior for the Miramar Hospitality Group offers guests modern furnishings with antique Chinese fabrics and prints, peony flower wall details, tailored carpets, hand-cut mosaic and a wall with ‘lucky charms’ in the lobby. Ceramics, carved timber and cut crystal are used extensively – each designed within a warm colour palette of orange, brown and light green. Heritage blended with modern artistic expression makes Mira Moon one of the most distinctive, vibrant hotel interiors in the region, remarkably feminine in a masculinity dominated city.