moOoi cArpEtS

Moooi Carpets, 2015-PRESENT

Product Design | Surface Design | Art Direction | Campaigns

Through a series of signature carpets, Marcel Wanders has found a voice and a new form of canvas. Since 2015, these high performance, custom-designed floor coverings have been digitally printed in full colour high resolution, bringing unlimited colours, rich contrast and dynamic patterns to the world of carpets. Amongst the exceptional designs is the 'Eden Queen’, inspired by the universe of Dutch Golden Age paintings, it features a faded black edge that frames a bouquet of flowers. The ‘Crystal Teddy’ depicts a kaleidoscopic background against two crystal eyes and the signature golden nose that form the teddy bear face. New releases in 2017 include computational algorithmic images that result in infinite 3D visualisations of virtual structures and architectures resembling beautiful digital paintings.