Bisazza, 2004 - 2018

Product Design | Surface Pattern | Furniture | Installations | Art Direction

In collaboration with Bisazza, Marcel Wanders studio adds new indoor and outdoor mosaic tile installations that utilise different styles and finishes to bring captivating sensory experiences. Creating depth of meaning for those who experience the different patterns and contrasting dimension, each application has a distinct quality and beauty. Their mere presence brings forth another layer to the overall design experience. Whether on a wall, a floor, or even underwater, these mosaics both disrupt and unify as they support, the purpose of the space in which they are found. Crafted to draw the eye, to set a mood and stop people in their tracks, these installations include colourful shapes and patterns that are thoughtfully appointed with shade and depth. Together, they are recognised as some the world’s most dynamic and luxurious bespoke mosaic offerings.