nAtuZzi cOlleCtion

Natuzzi, 2018 - 2022

Product Design | Furniture

For Natuzzi, Marcel Wanders has created the 'Agronomist', the 'Oceanographer' (2018) and the 'Apulian Dandy' (2019) collections. In 2018, various types of contemporary home furniture products were designed to dialogue and complement each other, forming two complete and harmonious lifestyles based on the Puglia landscape, architecture and lifestyle. Represented are the white houses of Ostuni, the blonde terra cotta amphorae, the grey stone of the trulli houses, the warm brown of the fertile earth, the silvery tints of the olive groves and the faded green of the spiny cactus faded by the sun, hung up in garlands at the corners of windows. In 2019, the partnership expands to include the Apulian Dandy collection that harnesses a more cosmopolitan mood. This includes living room furniture such as sofas, chairs, bookcases and a graphic carpet that each reflect Italian architecture and heritage while taking on a cosmopolitan turn.

Designed to move with the generations of today and tomorrow, the Eufolia Sofa (2021) is not bound to space or time. Like the leaf from an olive tree that unfurls and carelessly flutters in an ocean breeze, the soft back and armrest of the sofa are elegantly curved, creating a welcoming cocoon of comfort that blooms with life. Rooted in Italian craftsmanship and resting on endless legs, the sofa seems to float on air, light as a leaf.

At its fourth collaboration with Natuzzi, we present the Adam Collection (2022), born from the desire to integrate sustainable materials with a timeless design inspired by Puglia. The result is a sofa with a modern casual style which makes visual and sensory comfort its distinguishing feature. Adam is a reinterpretation of the Natuzzi style, as well as the archetype for future sofas, furniture that gets to live a 'second life' because it is capable of lasting over time. Besides the sofa, the collection also consists of a dining table and coffee tables made from wood, giving a natural and handcrafted appearance.