New AnTiQue

Baccarat, 2014-2016

Product Design | Furniture | Home Accessories

Created in 2016, the ‘New Antique Table’ is the happy outcome of a playful inversion that occurred when the ‘New Antique Vase’ (2014) was incidentally positioned upside down. Mystical, invisible qualities give the crystal a unique ability to reflect light. A subtly concealed rechargeable LED lighting system presents a captivating aura and suspends the table in mid-air and in our minds. The original vase is made with exquisite hand-blown crystal mounted on a stylish marble base. Created in a limited edition of 99 pieces, the ‘New Antique Vase’ is a re-interpretation of the celebrated Medicis vase. Available in deep cobalt blue, passion red, fiery amber, enigmatic black and clear crystal, these audacious masterpieces exalt beauty and excess while endlessly reflecting light.