Lladró, 2019

Product Design | Lighting

In collaboration with Spanish company, Lladró, ‘Nightbloom’ is a white porcelain chandelier collection that shines beauty on any surface in the room. Aligned by an approach to design which is unhurried and one that embraces the art of craftsmanship, this partnership has created a ceiling pendant chandelier, floor lamp, desk lamp and wall lamp. Inspired by natural flower petals gently dancing in the wind and portraying a sense of natural randomness, each piece is illuminated from its center. Each 3D-relief part of the bouquet is sculpted by hand and designed to be uniquely unrepeatable. Set in matte porcelain, and purposefully positioned, the petals of ‘Nightbloom’ allow the light from within to accentuate surface details and enhance any room with the perfect balance between light and shade.