pErseuS & luSt

Barovier & Toso , 2015-2017

Product design | Art Direction | Lighting 

As part of the Barovier & Toso Light E-motion exhibition (2015), the enhancement of the traditional Murano glass making methods is expressed through a multitude of hand-blown glass lights. All icons in the exhibition showed embedded movements. Extra-large scenic hand-puppets danced to subtle music while classic chandeliers rotated as fragile ballerinas. Distilled from this exhibition, The Perseus collection (2016-to present) brings together a multitude of glass elements. Resembling an explosion of glass, the chandelier comes alive with gracious movement. This collection is offered subversively with respect to the canons of classicism. Carefully balanced in volume and in the alternation of different colors, this chandelier has a frame that is chromed with LED lighting supplied with the suspension. On its turn, the Lust chandelier (2016) is an elegant design, revealing something precious protected inside the dome, where a piece of glass covered in gold leaf is discovered.