Barovier & Toso , 2022

Product Design | Sculptures | Glass

Our third design collection for Barovier & Toso is called Polarities. A collection of luminous sculptures that was launched during The Italian Glass Weeks 2022.

Polarities creates a bridge between constraints and possibilities, formulating a creative dimension that represents and identifies a powerful union of intent. The design to represent Him and Her has a particular strong connection, conveyed in the shared forms of the design. Her begins with white and Him is done in black. Love and Hate are both powerful. Love has a blurred effect and contains a concave red part inside. Hate counters this with a more pressed configuration that plays with the principle of balance. Past and Future is the most heterogeneous pairing in the collection, enlivened by vivid contrasts that are reflected in the design and workmanship.

The Polarities collection, in a limited, numbered edition, is composed of six models, each in a series of just 21 pieces.