PorTrAitS at FriedmAn BenDa New YorK

Marcel Wanders, 2016

Exhibition | Personal Editions | Video Art | Catalogue | Invitation

This solo exhibition took place at Friedman Benda Gallery in New York in 2016. From the more obscure side of Marcel Wanders' come imaginary characters interacting within a distorted fairytale woven through an intense and dark narrative. ‘Dysmorphophobia 1, 2 and 3’ – large abstract figural mirrors carved to create illusionary ghostly figures. ‘Self 2’ is a steel cabinet and kinetic piece, balancing an ovoid form that reminds of a human head rocking on the top surface. ‘Tempter’ is an over-sized bronze adult rocking unicorn with metal chain stirrups. ‘Shiqule Nuhai’, two monumentally tall ceramic vases reference Marcel Wanders’ Delft Blue collection with a darker sensibility, using black glaze. The show also features Marcel Wanders’ ‘Phoebe Lamps’ – the ultimate statement of objectification-, and his series of video works ‘Virtual Interiors’ and the newly ‘Athanasius’.