rAndStad BikeS

Randstad, 2017 - PRESENT

Product Design | Surface Design | Packaging

Since 2018, Marcel Wanders has collaborated with Randstad each year to create a uniquely designed bike for the company’s employees across the globe. This design is a special keepsake to honour the inclusivity and equal opportunity of the company. The Randstad bike not only celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of its employees, but also creates a symbol of unity in tradition. Year after year, Randstad employees receive a unique bike, specially crafted with a new material and theming, forming a symbolic collection over time. The bike is also a symbol with significance. For each bike gifted to its talents, Randstad donates to the World Bicycle Relief fund on behalf of its employees. Each year the bike is presented in a new light, carefully crafted and designed with the core values of Randstad in mind. The annual Randstad Bike is enveloped in unique packaging made of innovative materials, complete with a brochure of the project developed by our Graphic Design department. The Randstad bike presented in 2021 has been carefully constructed using PET felt, a sustainable material created from recycled plastic bottles. The design of this Randstad bike represents Equity. The purple and blue colours in the design, are symbolic for ‘being open’ and ‘listen & amplify’ two deep-rooted values of the company. The 2021 edition of the bike is the first in a series of three, which will eventually form to the complete colour spectrum of the rainbow, representing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.