SeCreT gArdEnS

Devon&Devon, 2022

Product Design | Surface Design | Furniture | Accessories

The Secret Gardens collection is a collection of coverings, furniture and accessories for the home and bathroom, bringing together nature and the imagination, the familiar and the unexpected, creating an entirely new equilibrium. Designed with a holistic and poetic creative approach, individual elements are all dressed in a seamlessly flowing design and, when placed together, create remarkably immersive settings that produce dreamlike spaces. The collection includes wallpapers and ceramic decor slabs all in an array of shades, a vanity table, three mirrors and a range of ceramic accessories. The Blossom wallpaper is a delicate and enchanting garden, celebrating the power of nature and the majestic beauty of the world of flowers and their symbolic strength as a message of growth and vitality. The Zen wallpaper focuses on wellness and serenity, creating a space to nurture the imagination. With the dreamlike Gardens of Dreams wallpaper, we present the unexpected and create a highly imaginative landscape that challenges our idea of reality and takes us deep into another dimension. With the Urban pattern, we celebrate the familiar and unexpected beauty of the fabric of social cohesion that traces the heart of the city, which can be seen as the human-centric garden.