SpArkliNg ChAir 

Magis, 2010

Product design | Furniture

With the blowing of air into the Sparkling Chair (2010), strength and sturdiness is breathed into the chair. Made out of PET and produced using the same blow moulding technique commonly used in the manufacturing of water bottles, the hollow spaces of the legs and the seat are filled with high pressure air which creates its very strong and durable structural components. With this technique, the plastic usage is kept to a minimum and the total weight of the completed chair is only around 1kg. Finally, the legs are screwed onto the shell, giving the perception of pure weightlessness. Ultimately, unfortunately, the chair was realized in a thicker material quality to assure sturdiness beyond the chairs’ misuse. In final production, no gas was used or needed. Marcel Wanders disappointedly renamed the chair, it will now go by the name of “Still Chair”. ☹