tAipei reSidenCe

Private Client, 2015

Interior Design | Residential

Lovingly conceived and richly designed, the Private Residence Taipei is filled with local-inspired elements that blend to offer an unmatched sense of place. Within each individually designed room, reliefs and bespoke furniture set an exquisite tone. In addition to the master bedroom suite, the floor plan includes two guest bedrooms, a dining and show kitchen, as well as an entertainment and study room. Black woven Jester textile walls dress the master bedroom with a royal flair, while nightstands with One Minute lamps and a free standing headboard divide the entire space. Colourful mosaics by Bisazza, luxurious furniture, thick red woven carpets in the study, and warm woods give the entire residence multiple moods and different atmospheres – from bright and glamourous to sensual and mysterious.