The AgronOmist aNd oCeanOgrApher

Natuzzi, 2018

Product Design | Furniture

For Natuzzi, Marcel Wanders has created the “Agronomist” and the “Oceanographer” collections. Various types of home furniture products are designed to dialogue and complement each other, forming two complete and harmonious lifestyles that exude the mood and essence of Puglia. Marcel Wanders has created a contemporary, yet culturally-rooted and uplifting home furniture collection based on the Puglia landscape, architecture and lifestyle. It brings to mind, the white houses of Ostuni, the blonde terra cotta amphorae, the grey stone of the trulli houses, the warm brown of the fertile earth, the silvery tints of the olive groves, the faded green of the spiny cactus faded by the sun, hung up in garlands at the corners of windows.