tHe FiVe SeaSonS

Alessi, 2018

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The five scents of Alessi Home Fragrances, 'AHHH', 'HMMM', 'GRRR', 'BRRR' and 'SHHH' represent the transformative, cyclical seasons of life – from renewal and blossoming to decay and beyond. The Five Seasons collection is a love song to nature, which is celebrated through the domestic recreation of the seasons: from the regeneration that follows the cold winter and the blossoming of nature in the spring, to the full flowering of the summer and the harvesting of the autumn fruits. These four traditional seasons are joined by a fifth: a spiritual bouquet that connects to your mysterious inner dimension. Also included is a rocking forest oil diffuser, a lava natural stone diffuser, a scented candle that radiates nature’s wonderful aroma, a room spray and even a bottle stopper, candleholder and candle snuffer.