tHe FiVe SeaSonS

Alessi, 2018 - 2019

Product Design | Home Accessories | Art Direction | Packaging

The seven scents of Alessi Home Fragrances, 'AHHH', 'HMMM', 'GRRR', 'BRRR', 'SHHH', ‘OHHHHH’ and ‘UHHHHH’ represent the transformative, cyclical seasons of life and nature – from blossoming to decay and the mystery of celestial bodies. The Five Seasons collection is a love song to nature, which is celebrated through the domestic recreation of the four seasons: from the regeneration that follows the cold winter and the blossoming of nature in the spring, to the full flowering of the summer and the harvesting of autumn fruits. A fifth fragrance offers a spiritual bouquet that connects to your mysterious inner dimension. Two additional scents complete the collection. Representing the sun is an invigorating spicy aroma, while the moon is portrayed by a calming musk scent. Also included is a rocking forest oil diffuser, a lava natural stone diffuser, a scented candle that radiates nature’s wonderful aroma, a room spray and even a bottle stopper, candleholder and candle snuffer.