tHe glObe trOtTer

Roche Bobois, 2018

Product Design | Tableware | Home Accessories | Art Direction | Campaign | Video & Animation | Event | Social Media

The legendary contemporary explorer and collector of elegant artefacts, Montgolfier, is the inspiration behind 'The Globe Trotter' collection (2018). Reflecting rich elements of nature and cosmopolitan cultures, this eclectic home furniture collection includes pieces such as the Montgolfier sofa and the Mariposa lamp. The Dojo shelf systems offer Haiku storage while the Wonder cabinet and buffet surprise with screen-printed graphics inside. A hug chair with embracing upper seater offers ultimate comfort. Along with various tables and tufted carpets, the Arras long graphic textile symbolises Montgolfier’s hot balloon travel and its enchanting references to London, Paris and Istanbul offered the start and the leitmotiv for the complete collection.