tHe New ClaSSic

Laufen, 2018

Product Design | Bathroom

When designed thoughtfully, the most private places become the most luxurious. In collaboration with Laufen, Marcel Wanders studio has created a magnificent bathroom collection – a complete set of contemporary bathroom items that together set the standard for washrooms to become classics. Elegant and captivating, the brilliant innovative sapphire ceramic washbasins, countertops, bathtub and bathroom furniture combine beautifully with different woods, metal faucets and mirrors. This versatile, variegated concept of classic style, in which bohemian taste blends perfectly with cosmopolitan and metropolitan image, suggests an eclectic lifestyle. A reinterpretation of classic themes in a contemporary guise for an elegant and very timely collection. Without overlooking contemporary needs and tastes, bringing humanism back into design, The New Classic collection is designed to create a unique, luxurious and everlasting impression.