tHe wAnDerS CollecTiOn, bAgno BisAzzA


Product Design | Bathroom | Home Accessories | Campaign

From a whimsical drawing of a giant holding a bar of hand soap with a beautiful girl seated inside comes this small, yet inspiring collection of bathroom fixtures. Created in 2005, this series is based upon the recognisable shape of an everyday bar of soap. Playing with scale, these contemporary functional and poetic designs, include a bathtub, sink, waterbasin, bidet and toilet. A 'New Antique' collection of dark wood mirrors, tables and exclusive shower chandeliers followed. Additionally, an architectural series including taps, faucets, cabinets and fixtures, based on and connected to Bisazza’s typical square tile shape was developed. Although different in character, these three collections can be wonderfully combined to bring charm and imagination to any washroom.