wOrld BuSiness ClAss SerVicE

KLM, 2011-present

Product Design | Tableware | Art Direction | Video | Packaging

True vision here is to transform KLM travellers into KLM guests. To realize that premise, a universe of dynamic, ergonomic, beautiful and practical in-flight tableware was created (2011 to the present). The World Business Class service designed between 2011 to the present combines eclectic contemporary ideas with inspired surprises. This collection includes a range of porcelain plates and bowls, glassware, cutlery, linen and serving trays with true character. Ceramic bowls feature the Dutch Delft Blue pattern exemplifying connection between the past, present and future. Careful attention to detail, service experience, operational aspects, including production, loading and food preparation, as well as environmental considerations, such as weight reduction, inform every aspect of the design. The collection has been enriched with a Japanese and Indonesian service.