tuLip & dAhliA 

Cappellini, 2010-2013

Product Design

Contemporary Tulip Chair (2010) and Dahlia Chair (2013) resemble flowers that envelop you in their petals. A reinterpretation of the lengthened and oversized dimensions of the classic armchair, the Tulip Armchair offers fresh and happy relaxation within its tall sides and back. Curved to mimic petals, the chair is a striking visual furniture element that offers acoustical privacy in any room for one-on-one interactions or phone calls. The Dahlia Chair is a poetic and contemporary armchair that resembles the shape of the colourful flower. It features a swivel base mimicking a stem for support and offers upholstery that is available in a wide range of fabrics, leathers and Alcantara®. Through industrial design, these products are made available in large quantities, without sacrificing quality or comfort.