Vip ceNtre at AmSterdAm airpOrt SchiphOl

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, 2020 - 2021

Interior Design

Make beauty your destination. At the VIP centre at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, travellers can now unwind or conduct business amid Dutch heritage and contemporary design. In a space offered between journeys, the luxurious lounge experience presents multiple rooms that each offer a different mood and feature design and art elements from different Dutch eras. From traditional patterns to 17th century motifs to iconic contemporary design, the public and private spaces at the VIP centre at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol envelop visitors in Dutch flavour and engage the senses. Rooms designed for business are equipped with high-end technology, while more secluded spaces are crafted to help people relax and engage with unexpected design. Arriving is like stepping back in time to be captivated by Dutch masterpieces and iconic works, in a leisurely escape where every room tells its own story.