VirTuAl iNteriorS

Marcel Wanders, 2013

Video Art | Personal Editions

The perfect worlds of Virtual Interiors (2013 – present) emerge from the disappointment about the durability of reality, trading eternity for reality. These are places devoid of human beings that are designed with a juxtaposition of serenity, mystique, wonder and magic. Their undefined structure envelops visitors into the idyllic and strange. As a way to overcome inevitable decay, these locations exist without physical reality. Designed with a sense of eternity, the power of imagination reigns over a distorted world of fantasy, foreboding and menace that threatens to creep from the cracks of its shiny surface. Everything is perfect in these virtual interiors. Everlasting and ideal, there is a constant haunting that something isn't quite right. This unrelenting feeling draws the visitor deeper into each layer of the experience as they search for meaning and explanation that never truly reveals itself. These works are born from designers’ deep understanding how power needs beauty and beauty needs power.