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Gaze up into a constellation of glittery stars, a connection to the beyond and an ancient navigation system for travelers.  

Andaz Amsterdam is designed to be a sophisticated hotel that has the relaxed nature of the people and the city in which it lives. Located in the very centre of Amsterdam, between two major canals the Prinsengracht ( Princes canal) and the Keizersgracht (Emperors canal) inspired the logic that the hotel beat with same heart as the city – thus the golden age, delft blue, navigation and adventure and the cities vibrant knowledge economy all inform the look and feel of the hotel.As a space that will accommodate visitors to the city, the hotel is intended to be a vessel that instantly connects people to place, it is designed to offer a local experience for international people, and also be a key venue for those who live in the city and want to showcase their heritage and hospitality. 


The building that holds to hotel is that of the former public library of Amsterdam. The library stood from 1977 until 2007 when it was relocated to Oosterdokseiland, and this heritage informs the design direction of the hotel with books both physical and deconstructed forming the look and feel. Specifically, the imagery of historic books about and from Amsterdam serve as inspiration for the wallpaper and other graphic décor, and creates a space the visitor to Amsterdam and offers an authentic local experience. 



Along with books, video art is a medium that will be visible within the hotel, as like reading, viewing video art is a process that requires time, and so a hotel is a perfect place to offer both these resources.   

Wisdom from the books that once lived in the old library has been transferred to the walls to create a covering that talks about time and place. Reflected in large mirrors, this wall becomes an endless universe of knowledge.



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On the back wall of each hotel room sits a giant photographic image known as a Connected Polarity. A connected polarity takes take two unsuspecting items in this case a fish head and an object tail and stitches them together to create a new, surprising whole (the Amsterdam city logo is three xxx and if you look at them as embroidery stitches you can fit things together and connect them).

The idea stems from the notion that while Amsterdam is a creative and tolerant city, a city that is open minded enough to begin a conversation without preconceived ideas; it remains a constant challenge to stay this way. By embracing two opposites or two objects that seem not to relate and showing how they can connect to become a unique whole we keep this special quality alive. Thus fish and spoon, fish and brush, fish and vase sit harmoniously on the walls of Andaz as one, demonstrating our mission to embrace the polarities within the city and to keeping an open mind.

Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht is winner of the GaultMillau Award 2014 for 'Hotel of the Year', Condé Nast Traveler Hot List: The World’s Best New Hotels 2013 and Travel + Leisure It List: The Best New Hotels 2013. 

Opened 2012, to book a room please visit Andaz Amsterdam.

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