Marcel Wanders





Since sharkskin proved to be the best surface for swimming, just as little ribs have for ice-skating  I decided that the surface of my holiday car should be beautiful deep shiny glass stones!



For many years it seems designers have little sense of detail. Surface is a terrain for the superficial. It is time to revitalize and project love with passion to the objects we touch and see the most. Now my holiday dream-car has become reality. After designing it, which took me quite a while, I had made a car-base. Then I asked Bisazza to cover my car with their great stones. Designed 2004, produced by Bisazza.


Bisazza Logo.jpg


Would you care for a little fright

Do you like your gold shiny? 

Are you fond of white

Do you agree lace is lovely? 

Have you ever met Marcel

Can you catach a rainbow

Believe it or not you're a light-weight

Have you heard the news

Would you like to take a seat

Are you a metal head?