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Carbon Balloon Chair

 Carbon Giff

Carbon Balloon Chair



Among dozens of other specially created products and designs appearing for the first time at Pinned Up is one of Marcel's newest creations, the ultra-lightweight Carbon Balloon Chair (2013). Appearing for the first time in Europe and made using carbon and epoxy resin, it was conceived by Marcel as a challenge to all designers to create the world's lightest chair.

Weighing in at around 800 grams, Carbon Balloon Chair is reminiscent of Marcel’s breakthrough Knotted Chair (1996) and the work of Hester Oelermans, and is hand made using balloons first filled with compressed air, which are later hardened with epoxy resin into the chair's final shape.

Working with carbon is favoured by Marcel for its weight minimization possibilities. The chair requires fewer materials, generates less waste and is highly durable





Carbon Balloon Chair Blue






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