Vice & Virtue Reunited Under One Bottle

‘Vice & Virtue’ is a scent that is as complex as a woman is. Unfortunately, we merely celebrate women’s virtue while vice is such a treasured chest of joy. From this poetic vision an unprecedented combination of elements arose. Having found the ultimate complexity and inherent contrast we were hesitant at first to put all of that in 1 container. It inspired us to create the world’s first 2-component perfume.

‘Vice & Virtue’ perfume (2010), is a living liquid that performs as 2 individual elements until they harmoniously coalesce on the skin. The duality present in the solution creates a contradiction both in concept and character. The surreal magic of this split universe of personalities continues as a second edition was launched (2016). The beautiful crystal cut bottle includes a sweet glass pearl inside and its bottle neck is a vivid reminder of a Dutch collar.

Celebrating Cosme Decorte’s 45th anniversary, the timeless, iconic scent was made available in the form of eau de parfum, solid parfum and soap. Offered in a vessel exhibiting delicate all-round crystal cut imprints and a glittering crystal, the gentle flowery fragrance blurs the line between luxury and everyday life.

“There is a wonderful, undefined depth to women. They possess a confluence of emotions and sensibilities that cannot be captured anywhere else but on the surface of their skin,” 

says Marcel Wanders.

“The unusual bottle matches a square, silver part with a tear-shaped, peach-coloured part. The juxtaposition of these shapes and colours is reminiscent of the duality of the perfume inside,” 

adds Gabriele Chiave.