bOffi bAthrOOm

Boffi, 2000-2001

Product Design | Bathroom | Accessories

Exclusive systems and furniture deliver iconic beauty in the bathroom. As a stainless-steel accessory series, Pipe (2000) brings the industrial pipes and handles into the home and is characterised by the instantly recognisable red handle. The collection also includes a toilet roll holder, multipurpose hooks for towels and bathrobes, and a free-standing bathroom shower. The handle serves as particular design elements in multiple living areas as well. Designed to resemble blooming flowers, the handles are iconically painted with red epoxy powders, bringing a touch of vitality to functionality. The Gobi (2001) series is a collection of products that includes a tub and two countertop wash basins of different sizes made of Cristalplant®, created to be wall- or top-mounted structure designed in stainless steel.