For his second exhibition at OPAM, Marcel Wanders takes us on a magical journey. Throughway of his iconic designs in product design, Personal Editions and video art of the last 27 years, some of which created for international brands such as Alessi, Baccarat, Christofle, Cybex, among others, a world of authenticity, boldness and excitement unfolds.

No stranger to OPAM, Marcel Wanders created a site-specific installation titled ‘Eurasian Garden Spirits’ for occasion of the opening of the museum in the Spring of 2015. Inspired by the historical narrative of Dutch explorers first arriving in Japan in the 16th century, this artwork symbolizes the friendly cultural union and exchange between Holland and Japan. At the same time, this artwork is a contemporary re-interpretation of vanitas, a world-known conception in 17th century Dutch painting that refers to mortality. 
Welcoming visitors to the first floor of the museum, ‘Eurasian Garden Spirits’ is a kinesthetic and interactive experience that, since its installation, has been greatly celebrated by children and adults alike. 

‘Tea Ceremony Fascination of Art and Design’ includes five limited edition pieces that combine the functionality of the products and the imagination of the circus universe. ‘Alessi Circus’ (2016) is a playful collection that captures the spectacle found only under the big top. 
Further on display, ‘The Parents collection’ (2016) for Cybex is thoughtfully designed baby furniture that fits seamlessly into the home without disrupting the parents' lifestyle with the arrival of a newborn.

The exhibition also showcases Marcel Wanders’ work for Japanese cosmetics brand Kose. Exhibited are delightful skincare packaging and advertising for DECORTE AQMW (2010 – to the present), as well as a series of precious, limited-edition face powders (2011- to the present) that are as beautiful as they are enduring.

Video art works represent an important section of the exhibit. Clearly trading reality for eternity, ‘Virtual Interiors’ (2013 – present) are perfect worlds that emerge from the designers’ disappointment about the durability of reality.

Discover Marcel Wanders’ unexpected and surprising world, where compelling storytelling, emotional connection and cultural innovation find its playground.